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Practising yoga on e. an optional proceeding, it is not so with regard to such topics as the nature of brahman, the relation to it of the human soul, the origin of the physical universe, and the like.54 As a consequence of this recognition the adherents of the Vedanta tradition, who regarded the Upanisads as revelation (sruti) and hence divinely inspired and inerrant, began to formulate interpretations of Upanisadic teachings which would demonstrate that they offered a single coherent doctrine. The oldest surviving example of such a work is the Brahmasutra attributed to Badarayana.55 There are many different views about the authorship and composition of this text. Some scholars, such as Dasgupta56 and Pandey57 assume a single author whose name was Badarayana. Others, such as Radhakrishnan,58 avoid any definitive statement on the matter, whilst yet others argue that the work was compiled by a later editor59 or team of editors. Practising yoga 2016.

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