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Practicing yoga at home on Ordinarily, brahman is not experienced because of the illusions that obscure it. Most prominent amongst these are the erroneous identifications we make with our bodies, our senses and our minds. Once these are stripped away, a person realizes that My very nature is that of seeing; I am unattached, changeless, motionless, endless. 78 Such recognition may arise spontaneously, or whilst meditating on a passage from Vedic revelation (sruti), especially one of the great sayings (mahavakya) of the Upanisads such as Thou Art That (tat tvam asi). In all cases, the insight emerges through the stripping away (apoh) of false identifications, a process known as desuperimposition (apavada).79 For Sankara, the best way to remove these illusions is to find a teacher who can recite the sacred verses; then to meditate upon them, and finally to become so completely absorbed in them that the nature of the self and of all illusions is revealed. Yoga can assist the meditator in this process because, as understood by Sankara, dhyana, like Upanisadic upasana meditation, works to create a uniform train of thought 80 that prepares the mind for apavada. Practicing yoga at home 2016.


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