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Practice of yoga on From these three forms emerge the subtle faculties of speech (vac), breath (prana) and mind (manas), which evolves from earth. Thus, in this Chandogya Upanisad account the mental evolves from the physical. In the Karika the reverse is the case. Mind (manas) evolves from ahamkara, which in its tamasic manifestation, produces the tanmatras (sense faculties) from which, in turn, emerge the mahabhutas, the last three of which are the same as the three forms of CU 6. That the former should be a prototype of the latter is hardly credible. In fact, the only thing in common between the Chandogya Upanisad and Karika accounts would seem to be that the forms of the one being are three in number as are the qualities (guna) of prakrti. But even if it is accepted that the Katha Upanisad passages constitute the earliest references to Samkhya thought in Indian literature there still remains the vexed question of whether the compilers of the Katha Upanisad were developing or just borrowing these Samkhya concepts. Practice of yoga 2016.

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