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Practice at home on Most significant of these incompatibilities is the ontological one. Krsna seeks to synthesize Samkhya-Yoga, which is either dualis-tic or pluralistic, with Vedantic monism, and, as I argued in the Introduction, monism, dualism and pluralism are mutually exclusive. During the early epic period a new kind of religion appeared on the spiritual landscape of northern India, the religion of the bhagavatas those who worshipped the bhagavat, the blessed or adorable one. In the earliest references we have to bhagavata religion, the bhagavat was known by the name Vasudeva, who was possibly a warrior king of the Vrsni tribe. Krsna, the personification of the bhagavat in the Bhagavad Gita, is the son of Vasudeva and Devakd, king and queen of the Vrsnis. The setting for the Gita is a battlefield, on which two branches of a noble family are waiting for the conflict to begin. Arjuna, one of the five sons of king Pandu, is the person whose signal will cause the battle to commence. Practice at home 2016.

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