Powertube Pro Yoga Brick

On the bend If you’re one of millions of Aussies living with arthritis, you’ll know the pain isn’t all that easy to deal with. Pencil a yoga sesh into your diary, though, and you might be able to ease some of the discomfort.

A study by US researchers at the John Hopkins School of Medicine found that when people suffering from knee osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis attended three yoga sessions a week, they experienced a 20 per cent improvement in pain and energy levels and were able to complete more physical tasks.

It wasn’t short-lived, either, with the volunteers still noting a difference in their physical and mental wellbeing nine months later. Of course, if you’re worried about doing more harm to your bod with a new routine, it’s best to check with your doc first.

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If you do get the all clear, update your kit with a Powertube Pro Yoga Brick, $21. 99 each, powertubepro.com.au.

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