Powerful Chant To Cure Insomnia

Namaskar I’m David odde and welcome to an endeavor yoga for insomnia insomnia is a state wherein a person finds it difficult to go into a sleep or to stay into a sleep it is caused by various reasons it might be. Because of stress anxiety it might be. Because of harmony problems or it might be. Because of problems that you already have like a stoma or high BP the Asin that I am showing you will help you to cure all these causes and thereby cure insomnia but, if you are having specific problem like a stoma and high BP n that’s why the problem of insomnia then also check out the arsons from asthama and high BP of whatever problem you are having so has an aluminum problem this problem is also known as Nadi should be paranoid as it appears or cleans the Nadi’s that is the energy pathway of your body. So the energy flow in your body improves this pranam also makes your mind calm to go in this run I am you sit in comfortable cross leg position or are the bug master nor permison, if you can then the left hand you have the tan mudra with the right hand you have the unwilling mudra you always start this prana inhaling through left nostril.

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So you close the right nostril and start inhaling through left so your eyes are closed slow and deep inhalation through the left after complete inhalation close the left nostril open the right and very slowly start exhaling through the right nostril that’ll be very slow and complete exhalation then from where you are exhaling you again start inhaling that is the right slow and deep close the right open the left and slowly start exhaling through left it’s an alternate breathing from where you inhale the opposite you have seen and from where you exceed the same you inhale opposite you exceed. So you keep doing it and remember that will be ending only when you start exhaling after you exceed from the left nostril the breathing is very slow and deep. And this is search pranam. So there is no comeback known pandas just normal deep slow breathing in and will do so after finishing around that is after exhaling through left nostril you drop the hand down let the eyes remain closed experience the difference in the body the mind will immediately feel the calmness the stillness in the body you can do this run I’m for two minutes three minutes. And you can take it up to 10 to 15 minutes then you rub the palms keep them on your eyes your fees drop the hands down. And then slowly open your eyes you.

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