Powerful Chant for Pregnant Woman

I’m a scar I am David Earth welcome to an angiogram Yoga for pregnancy this set of arsons and pranayams will help you to relax your body and calm down your mind which is very important during your pregnancy this practices will make your muscles flexible and tone them. And also will help you reduce the labor pain the best part of you guys you need not go anywhere you can just do it at your home throughout your pregnancy um car chanting said Patanjali says the sriracha Caprona wha that is ohm is the name of the god. And we always start any practice with the chanting of his name with the gods theme in uncle chanting your chanting the sound of o with the mouths wide open ooh with the lips or shape and more with the mouth closed so sitting in normal cross leg position.

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If you want you can have a support for your back or just sit erect you are having the hand mudra and keeping them on your knees. And now you close your eyes keep the back erect. And just be aware how is it feeling first before you start just be aware of your breath just be relaxed be aware of your whole body before you start the practice just calm down just be aware of your whole body. And now take a deep breath in and start the first once again inhale and start the second chant and last time inhale. And the last child let the eyes remain closed. And this experience the difference that this three chance mix in your body. And your mind immediately calms down your mind feel it and before opening your eyes you first rub the palms against each other keep the palms on your eyes your face give the heat the energy to your eyes your face. And then dropping the hands down slowly open your eyes it’s a wonderful practice. And it prepares your mind for the different practices that you’ll be doing now.

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