Power Yoga Tone Your Abs

Namaskar I’m david at and welcome to Anand over power yoga for abs Power Yoga is a complete body workout which improves your flexibility your strength your stamina and total fitness of your body Power Yoga for abs not only works on your abs it also works towards improving your own strength these set of practices will help you to train your tendinous inscription and external objects power yoga apps technique to this is a very simple exercise to help you to improve the toning of your apps you stand up first with the legs closer to each other to the Namaskar take Namaskar up and back then couple to the hip hinge position then the tabletop take the hands down from your bend the legs rest the buttocks. And then lie down. And now slowly start using the right leg straight up and again drop it down.

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But don’t touch the ground keep on doing it for about 45 times after doing the right leg for 45 times you do it with the left leg see that you’re not bending the leg and not allowing the leg to touch the ground you’re just taking it closer to the ground and after about 45 times you drop the leg down when the legs lean stand up in such a way that the head is still down then come up the tabletop head pinch hands up and back. And come back from Scott Wilson you can start with five up and down motions. And then slowly build it up to 10 you can even take it up to 20 or 30 simple way of turning your abdominal muscles.

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