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Power yoga poses on Logicians have identified over 20 kinds of faulty inferences, called fallacies, that have a superficial logicality about them. Here are some examples, taken from Irving Copi s excellent Introduction to Logic: Petitio Principii (begging the question) If one assumes as a premise for his argument the very conclusion he intends to prove, the fallacy committed is that of petitio principii, or begging the question. If the proposition to be established is formulated in exactly the same words both as premise and as conclusion, the mistake would be so glaring as to deceive no one. Often, however, two formulations can be sufficiently different to obscure the fact that one and the same proposition occurs both as premise and conclusion. This situation is illustrated by the following argument reported by Whately: To allow every man unbounded freedom of speech must always be, on the whole, advantageous to the state; for it is highly conducive to the interests of the community that each individual should enjoy a liberty, perfectly unlimited, of expressing his sentiments. Argumentum ad Ignorantiam (argument from ignorance) The fallacy of argumentum ad ignorantia.m is illustrated by the argument that there must be ghosts because no one has ever been able to prove that there aren t any. Power yoga poses 2016.

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