Power Yoga Exercise For Hands

Namaskar I’m vivvy that and welcome to on in the world power yoga for hands Power Yoga is a complete body workout which focuses wrong strength stamina flexibility and total fitness of your body Power Yoga for hands will not only strengthen the muscles of your hands. But also in the joints of your hands it will focus on your biceps triceps deltoids. And also the joints of your hands Power Yoga hands technique 9 you start off with Surya Namaskar position 1 take the numbers car slowly up and back then come to the hip hinge position from the pins you go forward tabletop. And then take the hands down from here you come to the lunge position by studying the leg back. And then the downward facing dog from downward-facing dog you are coming to the plank position in such a way that the back is nearly parallel to the ground.

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You don’t allow your buttocks to go man go down like you do in the vision garson or the cobra pose. And you don’t allow the vertex to come up like the downward facing dog from here you just take one leg up shift the weight towards the hands or from the toad. And you maintained hold for about five to ten counts keep the breathing normal feel the workout for the legs then you change the leg take a leg up and shift the weight very good and hold it mean for five to ten counts. And then come back to the plank pose from plank downward facing dog enjoy the stretch for the hands. And the lesser legs then the lunge pose one leg forward both the legs forward allow the hands to just be relaxed. So the tiredness of the hands is reduced then come up the tabletop then the hip hinge have the backward Bend as well as stretch your hands. And come out and relax this practice works wonderfully on your wrist on your shoulder joint. And also on the muscles of your hands.

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