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Before starting your practice take one square bolster and one yoga belt strap now sit in Vajr Asana position with bending your legs tuck your toes inside and he proceeding on hills, if comfort bring your toes pointed inhale softly now Axl and pain forward place your forehead on the floor close your eyes and bring your attention towards your forehead breathe very slowly just to watch be witness you miss support your forehead by hands or block Ballack arson or child pose is a true resting posture. And it will give immediate relax after a long running inhale comes back and sit in the last of the man inhale wide your knees while exhale bend forward open your spine and hands foolish stretch out chin or forehead on the floor just feel the opening on your spine, if your feet not ease on anger level bring one folded mat or cloth inside it now press your palms and tuck your toes inside Ian’s hella knee and hips slipped while Axl press your shoulder hand dropped two atomic Asanas and downward-facing dog keep your palm chest width apart and feet hip width apart when your needs to make posture more comfort and later complete each tranche your leg Adam Lucas fan is good.

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Hamish ting of nerd and cough reliever posture bend your knees and comes back not take a squat holster or one extra folded mat and place each front of the man now come into Adama kiwanis on pumps nearby pollster inhale lift your right leg toes pointed East a few breath here this will help to relieve your calf muscles now exhale bend your knees and place your knee outer thigh and Sittingbourne on the bolster keep lifted your spine, if you feel comfort exhale and slowly fold forward each day several breath here as comfort as possible and feel the stretching just witness here now inhale up while Axl comes back to Adam Akashvani son again now repeat it other side this time lifting your left leg to spine tit and make your right heel more little left feel the stretch keep your shoulder press Axelle bend. And this time place knee hip flexes and Sittingbourne on the bolster stretch your right leg back side spine front side open and hips down side press. And just relax makes your you stay both side equal time just feel your sensation stretching and be relaxed now slowly comes back again to downward dog position at home occurs on asan.

. And this time you can feel better opening in other MOOC after King pigeon pose Raj Kapoor thousand variation now ban your knees and drop your. And now remove bolster from the mat now lie down on your back with bended knees feet hip-width apart entire front body rested now place your right ankle on your left knee making for light figure now inhale take your left leg while exhale slowly knee to chest position press very gently with alertness close your eyes and feel the stretch stay five to ten breath here now slowly comes back and repeat it other side this time place your left ankle on your right knee making for like figure inhale catch your right sin exhale and press just alert and bring your awareness to our stretching area and relax after staying five to ten breath slowly comes back.

And keep your both knees banded not take one yoga band or strap now brave the strap around the bottom of the meet right foot slowly straighten your right leg or where you feel comfort keep angle inside aligned with knee and thigh sole arrested on the floor keep left leg banded or you may make it straight on the floor you stay one to two minutes on subtle pattern which doesn’t position now slowly comes back repeat eight other side this time wrap the strap around the bottom of the mid left foot and slowly leg straight never push yourself listen to your body makes your you stay both side equal time slowly comes back now be ready for leg against wall position or be pretty corneas on come near to wall now sit your hips against the wall and roll onto your back taking your legs up the wall your hips should be pressing as close to the wall as you can make feet hip-width apart palm facing toward ceiling or sky your spine and next we align. And just watch your entire body while leg is recovering in this inversion posture you take a moment to meditate by observing your each and every body part after staying 5 to 10-minute here band uni. And come out of the pasture and slowly relaxing finals of a son just lose your entire body everywhere relax. And just watch your incoming and outgoing back and be relaxed.

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