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Position for meditation on 54 His view is very much in keeping with the meanings of a number of terms in the Pali texts that are generally regarded as synonyms for nirvana: alaya-samugghata (the uprooting of the alaya) and analaya (no-alaya). Thus, when the Buddha attained enlightenment he is reported to have said Through worldly round of many births I ran my course unceasingly, Seeking the maker of the house: Painful is birth again and again. House-builder! I behold thee now, Again a house that shalt not build; All thy rafters are broken now, The ridge-pole also is destroyed; My mind, its elements dissolved, The end of cravings has attained.55 The tool for accomplishing such dissolution of the mind is the noble eightfold path (or one of its variants such as the practice of the six or ten perfections) and, in particular, the right concentration that, through penetrating insight (vipassana/vipasyana), bestows right knowledge. This is an insight into the nature of the alaya vijnana and the pervasive and delusory character of the sense of self and the subject-object distinction. Such an insight destroys the asavas/asravas and frees one from the grip of karma and the round of rebirth. In terms of our model of soteriology, for Buddhism, like Jainism and the teachers of the Upanisads, the fundamental problem facing human beings is that of karma and its effects: suffering and rebirth. Position for meditation 2016.

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