Poses Of Bikram Yoga

Poses Of Bikram Yoga

• Icing, massage, and initial rest.

• Massage is often painful when done correctly by an experienced therapist, but can speed the healing. The pain usually goes away after the treatment.

• Stretching should be avoided until after the injury has been in a healing mode. It is best used, carefully, to prevent recurrence.

• Evaluate the gait for overpronation and supination as well as inefficient yoga form.

• If the problem persists or is very painful, see a doctor. The more serious pain can indicate a joint problem or a bone injury among other issues.

• Physical therapy may be needed if pain persists. Electrical modalities, manual therapy, and peripheral muscle strengthening is helpful.

• This injury can last for many months, especially if it is ignored, and training is continued with pain.

• An MRI can define which tissue is injured and sometimes locate scarring on the tendon. Diagnostic injection can sometimes be productive when performed by a skilled sports orthopedist. Ask the doctor why extended rest is needed, if this is prescribed.

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