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Poses in yoga on The claim is only that certain trends provide a context from which later Samkhya may have arisen.6 Not until we reach the Katha and, later, the Maitri and Svetasvatara Upanisads does the existence of embryonic Samkhya or of Samkhyan influence on the Vedic tradition become self-evident. There are clear parallels between the Karikas and the earliest of these Upanisads, the Katha, in terms of the description of the self (atman) (KU 2.18-25) and in terms of the relation between self and body and the constituents of the person (KU 3.3-12 and 6.6-9) and I would suggest that here we have the earliest clear indication of the existence of Samkhya-like analyses in Indian literature. Some writers, however, identify such analyses in earlier Upanisads, most notably the Chandogya. Poses in yoga 2016.

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