Piyo Yoga Poses

Piyo Yoga Poses

To help minimise the involvement of the mind, try focussing on the heart centre whilst performing the following postures.

Begin in a seated posture such as Sukhasana (Easy pose) or Padmasana (Lotus) and find correct alignment, focus on each detail within the posture, such as a stratght spine, pelvis descending to the ground, a subtle lift through the pelvic floor and lower abdominal muscles whilst allowing the shoulders to gently fall away from the ears.

Take a moment to breathe slowly whilst focussing the mind on the current activity. Remain here breathing slowly, keeping the mind fully engaged on each sensation experienced.

Keeping full awareness on current sensations, focus on the centre of your chest. Feel this area open and lift. Experience each sensation and then try to maintain this as you move from your heart through your practice.

When you feel your mind begin to dominate the practice, come back into stillness within the posture that you are performing. Direct your focus to your alignment, breath and any sensations experienced, when you are ready bring your awareness to the centre of your chest and let the yoga flow!

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