Pilates Ring Exercises

Pilates Ring Exercises

Competing in Olympic weightlifting requires us to eat nutritious food. Our goal is to perform at our absolute best, which means that we have to choose quality food that helps us to lower our percentage of body fat and maintain our muscle size, while improving our performance and recovery.

Over the years, we have tried many different diets in the search for optimal nutrition to support health as well as top athletic performance. As our experience below demonstrates, any diet, when taken to the extreme can be dangerous.

Until the early 1980s, we ate a balanced American diet. But then we started to meditate, and that led us to a spiritual path. Soon we were eating only raw vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Unfortunately, after a year on that diet, we started to have problems that we had never experienced before on a regular basis, such as migraine headaches, stomach cramps, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, and sluggishness. At first, we assumed that our bodies would adapt to the new diet, but they did not. Even worse, we saw that our weightlifting performance was declining. We could no longer match our personal best records.

Then Jerzy began to develop itchy eyes. Even prescription eye drops didn’t help. The itching got worse than ever, and Jerzy started to develop breathing problems.

An allergy specialist suggested that the problem might be mold or pollen, so we sealed all the windows, sterilized the inside of the house, and put air purifiers in all the rooms. All of that made no difference.

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