Pilates Reformer Exercises Chart

Pilates Reformer Exercises Chart

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Even when you are shopping for the food, you are not stuffing your basket with every item in the store, but are being selective and clear. On the other hand, when you have finished eating the food, you find that there is nothing to throw away, so you are not being wasteful. The way Americans eat today, it has been calculated that all the people in China could be fed for a year on what we throw away! Imagine how much money you could save if you kept eighty cents of every dollar you now spend on food.

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There is one other benefit of simplifying your eating, and that is that it frees up time and energy for you to converse with other people. You are not focusing on what is on the menu, or on what you will eat next, but on the people you are with.

A friend of ours recently told us about what happened when he took his four-year-old son to a local toy store. The boy had a temper tantrum because he ran from one toy to the next, not spending much time with any, and then insisted on taking all of them home. Basically, he was overwhelmed by all the choices in front of him, and his four-year-old brain went crazy. That’s what happens to us when we have too many kinds of food in front of us. We want to taste and eat all of them. And fast!

In the following pages, we will present food concepts and recipes that follow The Happy Body philosophy. As you eat these suggested meals, keep in mind that the purpose is for you to achieve and maintain your Happy Body.

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