Pilates Reformer Exercise Routine

Pilates Reformer Exercise Routine


To achieve a happy body, you first have to calculate the time it will take you to reach your Ideal Body Weight Proportions that is, the ideal proportions between your height, weight, muscle, and fat, depending on your gender. Then you have to design an eating program to control your metabolic rate. Next, you have to learn the exercises to achieve the Standards of Youthfulness. Finally, you have to master the art of recovery.

You begin by determining what your Ideal Body Weight Proportions are, which you will find by your height in Table 6.1 (for females) and Table 6.2 (for males).

The examples given for this step, and for all subsequent ones throughout this blog, will be for a woman who is 5’2” tall. The ideal proportions for such a woman are:

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Step 2

After you have determined your Ideal Body Weight Proportions, you calculate your current body weight proportions by weighing yourself and measuring your percentage of body fat. The most accurate way to measure that percentage is with underwater weighing, however that’s complicated, expensive, and not readily available. A simpler but still fairly accurate method is to measure the skin folds on your body for that all you need are your fingers and a caliper. But we have simplified it even further. All you need are your fingers and a ruler. The process is slightly different for males and females, because a female’s triceps must be measured from behind by another person. For both genders, you take three measurements of your skin folds (Figure 6.1), add these measurements together, and then locate your body fat percentage in Table 6.3.

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