Pilates Power Gym Exercises

Pilates Power Gym Exercises


Learning The Happy Body program is like learning a new sport. As in swimming, you repeat a limited number of exercises over and over again until you master the techniques. People have various reasons why they choose to learn a sport. Some just want to have fun, others want to win competitions, and still others want to improve their health. All sports are good for your health, but some are better than others. The best ones, because they use the entire body, are the ones we mentioned earlier: baseball, basketball, boxing, figure skating, ice hockey, judo, Olympic weightlifting, Olympic wrestling, pole vaulting, rugby, swimming, volleyball, and water polo. Although these sports help people to improve their health, their principal purpose is competitive, and therefore they frequently lead to injuries as participants push their limits. The Happy Body program, on the other hand, is a noncompetitive sport that is engineered to make your body youthful by mastering eighteen exercises divided into three sequences (1.1 6; 2.1 6; and 3.1 6) and repeating them every day.

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The Happy Body exercise program promotes a balanced body. Each of the parts of the human body must be in proportion to all the other parts. If any part is out of proportion to the others, injury will result. The shoulder muscles should be stronger than the tricep muscles, which in turn should be stronger than the bicep muscles. If this order of strength is not maintained, problems will follow. For example, if the tricep muscles are stronger than the shoulder muscles, the rotator cuff will not be able to support lifting weight. This could happen when individuals do tricep extensions with more weight than they use when doing shoulder presses.

In The Happy Body program, the weights to be lifted in each of the 18 exercises have been calculated as a percentage of the weight you lift in Exercise 1.1. For example, if you lift 10 pounds in Exercise 1.1, you will lift 50% of that (5 pounds) in Exercises 2.1 and 3.4.

The exercises are designed to measure your progress, no matter what level you begin at. The program will gradually help you to achieve all the Standards of Youthfulness, while at the same time healing any injuries, chronic pains, or other problems you have developed over the years.

Women usually start the program by lifting 3-pound weights in Exercise 1.1 and men by lifting 5-pound weights. Based on your comfort level, you may begin with 1 or 2 more or fewer pounds than this. For Exercises 1.4 through 1.6, follow the percentages given in Table 8.1.

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