Pilates Machine Exercises Chart

Pilates Machine Exercises Chart

Then, two weeks before turning 57, I underwent a 13-hour radical back and pelvic surgery that removed a large, cancerous tumor as well as my coccyx and most of my sacrum.

During and after my recovery, I swam about a mile a day 5 days a week performed calisthenics and curls every other day, and I resumed playing golf 2 to 4 times a week.

Seven months after my radical surgery, I fractured a vertebra on a difficult golf swing. After 4 months of unsuccessful bed rest, I had surgery to repair the fracture, which included the insertion of two large titanium screws. Three months after that surgery, I was in a collision that caused my car to careen into a traffic pole at about 40 mph. My car was totaled. Although my vertebra screws held, I developed worsening pelvic and back pain, and the neurological recovery I had experienced since my radical surgery was completely wiped out.

After several months, I gradually tried to exercise again. My wife at the time, who had unsuccessfully tried a long list of other programs, had begun to use Jerzy as a trainer. I observed how she was able to change her body shape using The Happy Body program.

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