Pilates Exercises For Lower Back

Pilates Exercises For Lower Back

Fourth Dimensional Movement through a Sphere.

The building of a conscious antahkarana as illustrated in Figure 18 brings each of the three fires into play the rotary motion of fire by friction, the spiral cyclic motion of solar fire and the straight line motion of electric fire.

These three fires are one however three aspects of a single reality which is revealed on the fourth plane of any system. This fourth energy must be able to permeate the whole of the system even though it remains unrecognised in consciousness until the antahkarana is completed. It is this mechanism that lies behind the truth that at the heart of each and every atom lives cosmic buddhi.

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This fourth ‘flow’ of energy pre-dates all of the other three and yet is only revealed when the other three have completed their work. It is in fact the instinctual reaction to the pre-existing flow of this fourth energy which provides the blueprint for the building of the antahkarana via the other three. This fourth flow is connected to the fourth quality of deity and can be represented by the point or eye within the triangle of the three fires.

In simple terms this fourth flow of energy links the centre of any sphere directly to the centre of the larger sphere of which it is a part. (For technical details concerning the nature of this flow try James Perkins’ The Geometry of Space. 72 For the discussion of the fourth dimension as ‘permeability’ see The Secret Doctrine73).

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