Pilates Exercise Equipment

Pilates Exercise Equipment

Ever Greater Goals

William Stanford (59-year-old businessman) year ago I was walking down the hall of my doctor’s office on the way to my annual physical. As I stopped at the desk, I heard the doctor behind me ask the receptionist, “Has Bill checked in yet?”

When I turned around, he looked at me with a puzzled expression, and said, “Bill?” “Why, yes,” I replied, as it was clear that my doctor of thirty years had not recognized me. Actually, I was not surprised, because for fifteen years he had encouraged me to lose weight, and I never had. So, why should he expect me to appear in his waiting room several clothing sizes smaller?

As his test results would verify, I was also stronger, did better on the treadmill test, had lower blood pressure, and a significantly reduced blood sugar level. Or, as he wrote to me on a note accompanying the test results, “We were astounded and extremely impressed by your 40-pound weight loss and your conditioning program, which you have so successfully followed.”

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It had taken me a little over six months with Jerzy and Aniela to lose those 40 pounds. During that time, I ate better than I had before and, obviously, from a very different kind of menu. My interest changed from high-caloric, high-sugar, and high-carbohydrate foods to salads, hamburger patties or fish on a bed of vegetables, and a wide variety of other healthy foods. For me, having a snack at midday and in the early evening has considerably helped cut the overall volume of food that I eat which, of course, has contributed to my weight loss.

By The Happy Body standards, my conditioning significantly improved as I progressed from a wobbly squat press with a wooden stick to doing 40 repetitions with a 93-pound barbell. My own yardstick is a little different. In the summer,

I am a volunteer fire fighter. Each year, we must pass the U.S. Forestry Service physical test, which requires us to carry a 45-pound pack 3 miles in 45 minutes without running. I doubt if I will ever lead the group, but I am holding my own and reducing my elapsed time with every test thanks to my physical fitness through The Happy Body program.

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