Pilate Ring Exercises

Pilate Ring Exercises

We have all become painfully aware that we are not in control of the value of our houses, the stability of our jobs, or the security of our finances. There is, however, one area in which we can maintain control in the face of chaos: namely, our own bodies. We can go into a quiet room and work out. The weightlifting workout of The Happy Body program demands total focus. We have to concentrate on correct movement, breathing, and balance. During the time we train, we have to follow a precise plan, so for the duration of the workout, it is nearly impossible to think about the loss of control outside. And once the workout is over, the sense of focus and of having exercised some measure of control during our day continues to support us.

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Second, about fostering a sense of calmness: We are often overwhelmed by spreading our lives too thin and taking on too many obligations. This leads to health, relational, and family problems that we cannot resolve. Taking half an hour out of every day to do our workout gives us the mental space to calm down and reorient ourselves. As we follow the workouts over time, we start to feel less irritable with our lives, and other people tell us that we have become more pleasant and much calmer. Third, about benefiting from routines: In the United States, advertising and marketing have led us to believe that what is new is always improved, that change is always better. We therefore look for the latest exercise method, the newest fitness gadgets, the most recent diet fad. We do not realize the value of doing the same set of exercises, day after day. Yet in ancient exercise systems, such as tai-chi and yoga, there is a keen awareness of the physical and mental benefits of precisely following the same daily routine. For a pianist, a master craftsman, or a mystic, there is no doubt about the benefits of repeating the same exercises over and over.

The routine that is set out in this blog works like a mantra in meditation. It will clear your mind and make it easier for you to deal with the stresses in your life.

When Jerzy was weightlifting in Poland at the age of 16, he was impatient to improve his performance. At that time, the latest fad in conditioning was long-distance running.

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