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Pictures yoga poses on Such beings become crawling and flying insects and whatever there is here that bites. The text itself is a little more complicated than this and is worth quoting in full, not just for the provision of all the information but also because it reminds us that modern accounts of Upanisadic teaching often omit awkward bits and present the teachings in a modified form that is likely to be easily understood by modern Western audiences. 15. Those who know this, and those too who in the forest truly worship (upasate) [with] faith (sraddha), pass into the flame [of the cremation-fire]; from the flame, into the day; from the day, into the half month of the waxing moon; from the half month of the waxing moon, into the six months during which the sun moves northward; from these months, into the world of the gods (deva-loka); from the world of the gods, into the sun; from the sun, into the lightning-fire. A Person (purusa) consisting of mind (manasa) goes to those regions of lightning and conducts them to the Brahma-worlds. In those Brahma-worlds they dwell for long extents. Of these there is no return. Pictures yoga poses 2016.

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