Peaceful Warrior Yoga Pose

Peaceful Warrior Yoga Pose

I know – before everyone starts writing in screaming at me saying yoga’s much more than that – which we all know it is – I’m only looking at it from a sports conditioning perspective. In my own strength and conditioning programme I am constantly looking for ways to adapt yoga positions so they have an additional isometric element. I then use them as part of a larger programme that also includes the use of resistance bands, medicine balls, plyometrics and interval training, as well nutrition. Designing any strength and conditioning programme is like working out all the pieces of a puzzle and finding interesting and exciting ways of putting them together – it is certainly never boring. Hopefully you too can find inspiring ways to use yoga to improve performance in your own sport – tweet me and let me know how you get on!

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Dynamic Warrior

Start in the back left-hand corner of your mat

Angle both feet out to the left side of the mat about 45-degrees.

Extend you arms and step the right leg out along the mat.

Keep the back foot anchored as you step.

Come back by bending the front knee and exploding back up into your original position.

Repeat between 5 -15 times

2) Twisted Dog

Start off in a downward facing dog.

Open the hands to get as much support as possible.

Shift your upper body weight in to the right hand and lift the left hand off the mat.

If you can support your weight, twist your upper body to the right and bring the left hand beyond the outside of the right foot.

Then return back to the original position.

Repeat between 5 to 15 times on each side.

Strengthens upper body and rotational movements.

Start off in a plank with the hands shoulder distance apart.

Bend the knees and step the left foot to the side of the left hand.

Then step the foot back to the start position.

Repeat between 5 -15 times on each side

Strengthens core and helps with speed and agility.

4) Leg lifts

Start off by lying on your back with knees bent and ankles touching.

Lift and straighten the right leg and then lift the pelvis in line with the shoulders and hips.

Then lower to start position.

Repeat between 5 -15 times on each side. Strengthens legs, core and lower back.

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