Parsvottanasana Yoga Pose

When the individual being is freed from the bondage caused by the false identification of the physical body with the Self, Parsvottanasana Yoga Pose he becomes the divine Self. The delusion which causes the cognition of diversity is destroyed by the knowledge of the real Self in the form of I am of the nature of the universe self-luminous illumination, universal in nature, in which everything in creation exists.

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The gist of what is being expressed here is that so long as the false experience of the Self in the not-self, such as the physical body, etc., is not ended, the false experience of duality and diversity in the world will not disappear, despite his the individual’s possession of a universal nature.

Therefore it is held that the false experience of the not-self in the Self paurusa ajMna is destroyed by the supreme Lord himself by infusing the fettered individual with his grace after annihilating the experience of Self i.

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