Parsva Bakasana Yoga Pose

But it is a fact that after one gains the knowledge of the supreme unit and the physical Parsva Bakasana Yoga Pose body ceases to exist, then one attains complete liberation. An individual being, after attaining liberation in the body, continues to exist in Parsva Bakasana Yoga Pose an embodied condition in order to perform actions requiring a body. Such an individual is not subject to the fruition of his actions, although he continues to perform them while retaining the knowledge of his real Self. The author Abhinavagupta provides the rationale for such a view in the following verse: As a seed scorched by fire becomes incapable of sprouting, so also the deeds burnt or scorched in the flame of real knowledge are incapable of causing rebirth. Just as a rice seed which has been scorched in a fire becomes incapable of sprouting even though it lies in the soil, is watered, and is touched by sunlight, because it lacks all the necessary conditions, so the residual impressions of deeds lying stored in his intellect cannot sprout when burnt by the fire of knowledge, which is the fire of the experience of the supreme unity in the form of the conviction 1 alone manifest myself as the universe and the experience of his false identification with his body ceases.

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