Parivrtta Sukhasana Yoga Pose

One who knows his Self, his divine Siva-nature which is endowed with divine freedom, Parivrtta Sukhasana Yoga Pose does not fear anyone, be it a king, an enemy, or any other creature. Why? The reply given by the author is that everything is his own form. When the spiritual adept realises that he is of the nature of unity, the divine Siva, then all objects that constitute the universe appear to him as his own body. This is because illumination is omnipresent. It is the great illumination which shines in the exercise of its divine freedom in the forms of both Selfs and not-selfs.

Utpaladeva in the Lord, for one who looks upon the entire Parivrtta Sukhasana Yoga Pose objective world as your own body, who is devoid of thought constructs, who always rests in the world full-in-himself I the universe being only his self-extension and who is always blissful can have no fear. The author Abhinavagupta also says: A person experiences grief and fear of the cruelly in this world when he feels I am alone Iseparate from the worldl. But when he recognises that he is truly alone lone without a second, the ivorld being one with himself, that there is none besides him, then fear disappears and he experiences equipoise. Moreover, the meaning of the phrase in the above verse beginning nor does he grieve.

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