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Several structures can lead to or contribute to pain in our lower back. Our intervertebral discs are incredibly versatile and strong because they need to act as shock absorption for various. Tasks we complete throughout the day, including lifting, stepping, and carrying. However, when we experience a sharp, surprising force (such as a fall or collision), a disc can fail.

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Unfortunately, when we injure a disc, it lacks the ability to properly repair itself, so recurrent pain becomes commonplace.

Compression of the cervical vertebra directly promotes cumulative joint degeneration. Our joints are lined with cartilage for protection of the joint and to absorb shock from the external world. As we age, this waxy substance in our joints degrades, as does pain-free full range of motion.

After puberty, except for the mandible our joints no longer receive nutritive blood supply. The only oxygen and nutrition that our joints receive come from a fluid secretion called synovial fluid. Furthermore, over time, our joints accumulate various toxins and excess materials promoting degenerative disease and infection.

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