P90X Yoga Poses Pictures

P90X Yoga Poses Pictures

It all comes down to attitude. Attitude is everything. Look at the task from another angle. Change your thinking from “I really don’t want to do this yet, I am not ready” to “What a great reward I will get when I achieve this goal, the only time I have is right now. START”. Take the first action.

This tablet of philosophy boils down to one thing for me: Attitude.

Change your attitude and change your life. Working Wow awaits!!!

I love the philosophy of gratitude. We take so much for granted and then it is gone. At the time of writing, my wife and I are in the process of leaving the Middle East after five years of being out here in Dubai and Doha (in Qatar). My wife is currently in Doha packing up and I am working in Abu Dhabi some 200 miles away with just a few weeks to go.

I could gripe on to you about the pressures of leaving the country (paperwork, moving money, shipping etc. etc.) and being apart from my wife etc.

However, I am grateful for my life. OK I cannot be with my wife at the moment but I am currently working with about 10 people who I did not know about 10 weeks ago. And I know that I am enjoying their company and after this period of time some banter and love has built up. We have moved from ten individuals to a team. And I know that a couple of people will become friends, if only through the odd email joke and Facebook accounts.

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