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Online yoga poses on This is hardly surprising, as, if two texts offer essentially the same teachings, the likelihood is that one borrowed from the other, and the question of who borrowed from whom? becomes significant for the activity of reconstruction. Furthermore, if one of the texts is, for example, Brahmanical and the other Buddhist, an extra dimension is added to the debate. The positions taken in these debates have particular significance for the novice student, who often has an inflated respect for the views expressed by authors of books and not infrequently takes claims to be facts. One noticeable trend in these debates is that, generally, Indian scholars and those who follow Indian spiritual traditions set their absolute chronologies considerably earlier than do their Western counterparts. Hence, if establishing a chronology is important for our purposes, a useful rule of thumb is to consult as wide a range of sources as possible and ensure that the work of writers from both camps is consulted. Like philosophers, historians demand that claims are supported by relevant evidence and/or argumentation. Post 1 BACKGROUND TO YOGA PHILOSOPHY In order to understand the practices of mental and physical culture that go under the label of yoga it is useful to be aware of features in the Indian world view that make it different from its Western counterparts and provide a rationale for many of the teachings of different yoga schools. Online yoga poses 2016.

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