Online Fitness And Nutrition Platform For Women

Wish you had a PT to whip you into shape for 2018? Say hello to the Results with Lucy team.

Toget your new yeargoals on track,we’ve teamedup with Lucy Mecklenburgh and Results withLucy (, thestar’s super-successful online fitness and nutrition platform for women. Founded in 2013 by Lucy and herPT Cecilia Harris, Results with Lucy(RWL) is designed for women whoare looking for a quick, effectiveworkout they can fit into their daywithout paying for an expensivegym membership. It offers a rangeof plans to suit your lifestyle andgoals, for complete beginners toadvanced fitness enthusiasts.More than just about gettinghealthy and fit, RWL has createda community spirit with womeninspiring women, discussing theirexperiences and growing together.And now Lucy and Cecilia are hereto help you get in shape too!

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Before discovering herlove for fitness, Lucyadmits she was unhappywith her body and hatedexercise. Not havingworked out since school, Lucy was beginningto feel lethargic and wanted to tone up andget rid of her cellulite.Within two weeks of meeting PT CeciliaHarris, Lucy had more energy, better skinand her body felt firmer. ‘Within three monthsI noticed a huge change to my body and mymindset had completely transformed,’ saysLucy. ‘Cecilia’s workouts proved to me thattraining could be fun.’ With Cecilia’smotivation and instruction, Lucy transformedfrom reluctant gym-goer to avid fitness fan.Inspired by her fitness revolution, Lucyfounded RWL with Cecilia. Since then,Lucy’s fitness journey has seen her take onchallenges including reality TV shows such asThe Jump, Tumble, Tour De Celeb and BearGrylls’ Celebrity Island as well as modellingfor sportswear brand Ellesse and V by Very.With the confidence she has gained alongthe way, Lucy has now launched her.

Online Fitness And Nutrition Platform For Women

bodyconfidence programme, Results with Love.‘My passion is not only to stay fit andhealthy but to help other women do thesame and empower them to achieve theirgoals,’ she says.


In 2008, fitness trainerCecilia Harris foundedResults Fitness andHealth Studios in Essex,offering one-to-onepersonal training. Cecilia has years ofexperience helping hundreds of women getin shape and improve their lives to becomehealthier and happier.As well as being co-founder with Lucy ofRWL, Cecilia is also the face of Results withCecilia, the on-demand series of workoutstailored to 40+ women. As a 40+ woman,Cecilia wanted to tell women of her agethat fitness is just as important, if not more,than when you’re in your 20s. The perfectinspirational role model, Cecilia aims toshow her community of women that ahealthy body leads to a healthy mind.

Online Fitness And Nutrition Platform For Women

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