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Understanding Nutrition

Are you confused about which diet to do? (There’s keto, low-carb, high carb, high-protein, Atkins, South Beach, and over 10,000 more.) Have you tried dieting and failed multiple times? Have you started eating clean only to not lose an ounce? Are you struggling to get the physique you seek? Are you ready to learn HOW to eat the smartest, most effective, easiest way so you can get the hot, sexy, defined body with a booty you have always wanted?

Yes? Good! Now open your mind and ready to learn. Know this: if you are new to my book and teachings, most of everything you have ever heard or learned about nutrition is probably wrong. Not just a little bit wrong – I mean DEBUNKED or damaging your health wrong. A lot of what you may think, know, or may even still be taught by others could be old school, debunked, ineffective Information that you need to erase from your mind. This is especially true when it comes to the talk about fats, salt, cardio, lifting, saturated fats, and cholesterol. So erase what you think you know and absorb what I’m going to teach you like a sponge. What I’m going to teach you is PROVEN scientifically and through over 15 years of experience in the trenches.

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Is your mind open? Are you ready to learn all the secrets, hacks, and Information you need to get that hot, sexy, defined body with a booty, all while IMPROVING your health? Great! Then let’s do this! First off, let’s talk about fat, the kind you eat, and its history. The war on saturated fat back in the late 1970s is one of the biggest mistakes in HISTORY that sparked our current obesity and chronic disease epidemics. You see, they took flawed science, made assumptions, cherry picked Information, and created a theory that turned out to be the worst mistake in nutritional history. It has cost all of us the lives of people we love.

Now, I can go on and tell you facts about how the sugar industry paid the scientists to blame fat, and that Big Food and Big Pharma are behind a lot of what you have heard or read in the past 50 years (again, proven facts). I could also inform you that there are over 80 studies since then that have conclusively shown that neither saturated fat nor cholesterol causes harm to humans (once again, proven facts). But I want to get to your booty gains. However, you must know first that when this low-fat era began, our physiques, mindsets, and health also fell off the cliff. The reason is because food companies started taking the fats out of food. When you take the fat out of food, it makes it taste like chewing on a fitness magazine – terrible, like paper or cardboard. This is because fats are very flavorful. Food companies removed the fats, but guess what they replaced it with?

You probably guessed it: SUGAR! They started pumping in “Fat-free,” “Low-fat,” “Reduced fat” options into our food supply. But the new foods were made more palatable and extremely ADDICTIVE because of the added sugars. I know, most of you probably buy low-fat, fat-free, reduced fat products often because you’re still in the low-fat mindset. Guess what you’ve been consuming all this time? Sugar! Guess what is eight times more addictive than cocaine? Sugar! Guess what causes sugar cravings, carb cravings, food binging, overeating, and leads to extra body fat? Sugar! Guess what else is sugar to the human body that the average American eats at least 150-180 pounds of a year? Flour. Flour is basically sugar as soon as it touches your tongue. Flour foods are bread, pasta, pizza, and the main ingredient in cookies, cakes, crackers, etc. All the above are made with flour but also have ADDED sugar in them as well.

Yes, even bread. It’s awful! You consume flour foods mindlessly, not even knowing that they are SUGAR to your body and have even WORSE side effects to your hormones, metabolism, and body systems than sugar does. Know that in order to get this body, to get the definition, and to get that booty, you’re going to have to kick your addiction. Yes, I said addiction! You are a drug addict, and your drug is SUGAR. This addiction is worse than hard drugs, so you have to treat it just like a drug addiction. How does someone fix their addiction to drugs or alcohol? COLD TURKEY! Permanently! You are going to have to eliminate your addiction to processed foods containing sugar and flour for two main reasons.

1. Addiction. These foods are HIGHLY addictive. They trigger a surge of dopamine (a happy feel-good chemical) produced by the brain. This is just like with hard drugs that leads to cravings, more bad decisions, and binging. Guess what bad decisions and binging leads to? BODY FAT! These foods are exactly what got you to where you are now, so eliminate this crap from your life! Treat these foods as you would treat heroin in your home if you had a child or spouse that was a former heroin addict. You’d do everything you could to keep them away from it, wouldn’t you? Yes, sugar is a drug, so treat it just like you would treat heroin. Avoid the fuck out of it!

2. Inflammation. These processed carb foods damage your intestinal lining, gut bacteria, and digestive tract, leading to systemic inflammation of your body. This inflammation leads to muscle tightness, joint tightness, aches, pains, neck pain, knee pain, back pain, muscle pulls, and muscle tears during training. This inflammation is also what causes anxiety, depression, autoimmune diseases, and is linked to all the top killer chronic diseases. The primary reason we avoid these foods besides that they are addictive is because they WILL injure you. When you eat these and become inflamed, you could be putting on your socks to go to the gym and tweak your back. You could be warming up for a workout and pull a muscle.

Inflammation always flares up currently tight, knotted tissue and old injuries. When inflamed, you can literally be doing regular everyday activities and get injured (and sustaining injuries when you train, for sure). If you eat these foods and get injured, can you train hard to get those booty gain results? NO! So if you want to avoid cravings, binging, overeating, gaining body fat, and injuries, what do you think you need to do? Kick the habit! Commit to a clean eating habit. If You’re thinking, “OMG, I can’t do that. I love my,” well, then stop reading now because you’re never going to get those booty gains.

This is your addiction speaking. Your addiction tries to convince you to keep feeding it. The reason we do this is because for 99% of the population, one bite always leads to insane cravings, binging, and GAINING FAT. On top of that, it jacks your hormones, makes you dumb (brain fog), lazy, lethargic, and even makes you lose muscle. Why? Because inflammation deteriorates tissue, and leads to injuries, meaning bye-bye booty. Do you want that to be you? Obviously not! In order to get that body, get that booty, get that confidence and look like a million bucks, you must start treating your body like a FERRARI. What do I mean? Would you put low quality fuel in a Ferrari? Hell no! If you had a Ferrari, how would you treat it?

You’d pamper it, wash it, keep it covered at night, drive it very safely, keep it tuned up, put the very best fuel in it, and only give it the best treatment, right? Well, you already have one. It’s YOUR BODY. You may have a dump truck right now because you’ve been eating trash. But if you follow the directions I’m giving you, you will reveal the Ferrari that’s been buried underneath. That begins by putting in only HIGH QUALITY fuel, good nutrition, and good ingredients. The better you eat, the better you look and feel. The better you look and feel, the better quality of life you have. It all begins with FOOD! On top of sugar being the primary cause of your excess body fat, it also AGES you rapidly, giving you wrinkles. Yep, it’s a proven fact. Want nice, vibrant skin? Then STOP EATING SUGAR! Sugar also creates AGEs.

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