Not Exercising During Pregnancy

Not Exercising During Pregnancy

Our Solar Logos is intimately connected to the Sirian Logos and therefore Agni as that portion of the solar triad which is focused downward within the three lower cosmic planes is an expression of the Second great principle manifesting within the Third.

The Pleiades has a particular relationship with the cosmic buddhic plane because this is where the synthesising energy for the cosmic personality originates, in the same way that the egoic groups on the mental plane step the energy of the ashrams into the lower three worlds.

Sirius likewise has a particular connection to the cosmic monadic plane because it is here that the triadal energies are synthesised.

Monadic and buddhic energy should not be viewed so much as above their respective three-fold expressions but at the centre of them, and when the solarisation process is complete, permeating them completely.

This type of activity is best addressed diagrammatically in relation to a fourth dimension of space.

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