Interest in Yoga is at an all time high and with good reason. During the past decade millions of Americans have come to recognize that the benefits of physical Yoga are very great. Not only do they far surpass those of any system of self-improvement for the body (calisthenics, salon programs, jogging, isometrics, competitive sports) but they extend also to the emotional and mental aspects of the individual. Yoga is concerned with the health and beauty of the organism as a unified whole. Weight control, slimming, firming relief of tension and stiffness, improvement in general health, emergence of hidden beauty, emotional stability and a positive mental outlook will be experienced by all those who apply themselves diligently to the plan of this book. This is true practically regardless of age or present physical condition!

As recently as ten years ago it would have been considered virtually impossible to successfully accomplish, within a 28 day period, the physical techniques presented hefein. Formerly, a student who undertook the serious study of Yoga was prepared to devote a minimum of several years to the learning of the major Yoga exercises (asanas) and an unknown period of time to the perfecting of them.

Human organisms have not changed in the past ten years. But through my personal experience with many thousands of students and in the course of offering more than one thousand Yoga For Health❠television programs, I have evolved an accelerated method of instruction that now enables any serious student to learn and practice 38 Yoga exercises within a four week period! It is this unique system that is presented in the following pages.
Our format is simple. Most of the practice days consist of: (1) learning new exercises, (2) adding movements to exercises partially learned, (3) reviewing exercises that have been completed. The titles of each of these reviewed exercises is printed in gray. Every fourth day is devoted entirely to review. The numerous illustrations will always show you exactly how to proceed in new exercises and remind you of the correct movements for review. Days 17-25 list the exercises that are utilized in dealing with special problems.

Each day’s exercises are arranged so that the sequence of the movements are performed first in a standing position, then sitting and finally lying. At the end of each day’s exercises there is a page of Yogic information that should prove extremely interesting and of real value in your daily life.

Upon completion of the 28 day plan, you will refer to the routines at the end of the book that serve as a lifetime program for practice.

Read the following points carefully before you begin your first day of practice:

The Yoga exercises are performed on a flat surface with sufficient space to stretch trunk and limbs in all directions. Select a quiet, well-ventilated area where you will not be disturbed.

Cover your practice surface with a large towel, mat or pad. This cover is put away after exercising and kept only for Yoga.

Your exercise clothing should allow for complete freedom of movement. Most women prefer leotards. Remove watch, eyeglasses and all confining apparel. Keep watch handy for the timing of certain exercises.

Plan to devote 20-30 minutes to each day’s practice. Anytime of day is satisfactory but always wait at least 90 minutes after eating. (You will find your body more flexible in the afternoons and evenings.)

Make every effort to complete the program of this book in 28 consecutive days. If this does not prove possible, do not allow more than one day to elapse between practice sessions.

The Yoga exercises are performed in a series of graceful, rhythmic slow motion movements with a brief holding❠(completely motionless) period for certain of the positions. Poise and balance are maintained at all times and the attention is fixed unwaveringly on the movements being executed.

We attempt to approach each practice session in a serene frame of mind, having temporarily put aside all thoughts and activities that might be distracting. Before beginning the day’s exercises, assume the cross-legged posture anjd s^end one minute in allowing your body and mind to become quiet. In this way you will derive not only the physical benefits of Yoga but throughout the remainder of the day you will radiate the beauty and peace that are within.

Remember that our objectives are to become firmly established in the principles of Hatha (physical) Yoga and experience major positive changes throughout the organism within the extremely brief period of only 28 days. Therefore, resolve now to proceed exactly as directed and let’s begin.Yoga During Your First Trimester – Cap Wellness Center yogaposes8


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