Neti Neti Neti Meditation Technique

The Neti, Neti, Neti technique is a practice that helps prepare the mind for meditation. It helps focus the mind on one point. This technique reminds me of a lot of when we’re trying to guide a horse through high grass without him eating it from left to right. Here, the mind is the horse and the thoughts are the grass. We’re trying to guide our minds to set on one point and not get attached to any thoughts coming from the past or future.

Neti Neti Neti Meditation Technique Photo Gallery

Come to an easy sitting position. Close your eyes. Take a deep, full breath in and turn your head to the left, taking a double exhalation. HA, HAA. Bring your head back to the center and set your awareness to the point right between the eyebrows, also called the sun center. After a few moments, bring your awareness to each breath. Simply follow your breath in, and follow your breath out. When you become aware that your awareness is no longer on your object, which is the breath, simply guide it back to the object of meditation by silently saying to yourself: “Neti, Neti, Neti.” Again, keep your awareness on your inhalations and on your exhalations. Once you find your mind wandering, tell yourself silently: “Neti, Neti, Neti.” Use the three worlds gently and consistently. In Hindi, the three words symbolize the following. The first Neti means: I am not that thought. The second Neti means: I am not this thought that is thinking I am not that thought. The third Neti means: I am not thought at all! It’s so much easier just to say Neti, Neti, Neti!

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