Natural Twist

Natural Twist

Main Benefit – Squeezes the organs to support detoxification as well as stretching the ligaments and tendons.

This pose usually requires no support or props, though some people benefit from having something under the bent leg. Try it without the support first, but if it feels too strenuous or your breath is halted, then you may need to use a bolster or pillow under the bent leg. Have a bolster or pillow nearby just in case.

1. To get into this position, first just lay flat out onto the floor.

2. Bring the left arm out to the side at about shoulder height, keeping your elbow bent or your arm straight; whichever feels better and whatever you have the space for.

3. Bend your left knee so that the knee joint is sitting comfortably at about ninety degrees.

4. Bring your right hand to your left knee and start to guide the knee across your body so that you come into a twist.

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5. Let the leg come as far over towards the floor as possible. It you start straining, then wither back off a bit, or bring a bolster or pillow under that bent leg so it can come to relax.

6. Find a comfortable position in which you can breathe smoothly.

7. If your neck is okay, try looking back over your left arm.

8. Stay for at least one minute.

9. Release by bringing the bent leg back up to the middle and straightening out both legs. Rest for a moment, then go to the other side.

10. Repeat steps 2 – 8 with the opposite arms and legs.

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