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Names of yoga positions on Only versions of the other kind of Samkhya are presented at any length. One noticeable detail about these one-purusa schools is that they generally subscribe in some way or other to Vedic values, world view and terminology. For example, Vasistha, one who knows both Samkhya and Veda, incorporates Hiranyagarbha, Viraj and Visnu into his exposition of Samkhya. He also describes the ones who experience the supreme soul as high-souled Brahmanas endued with intelligence and wisdom and conversant with the Vedas.22 The Vedas, for their part, are authoritative and eternal.23 Likewise, Asita Devala is called a brahmana and maintains that his teachings are compatible with both sruti and reason. For him, emancipation is the attainment of brahma. Names of yoga positions 2016.

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