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Names of yoga moves on Hume and Deussen translate this first verse quite differently. Knowers of brahman call them light and shadow (inseparable?). Verse 3 switches to the metaphor of a chariot the control of which is symbolic of yoga. This section introduces a number of terms and concepts that are later associated with the semi-heterodox Samkhya school, e.g. buddhi, avyaktam, purusa (this last is, of course, used in the Rgveda, though here it has a rather different meaning not-withstanding the fact that the equation of purusa with atman, so common in the Upanisads, serves to link the new ideas with the older orthodoxy). Purusa and atman are here being employed as equivalents and knowledge of it frees a person from the jaws of death. Names of yoga moves 2016.

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