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Names of basic yoga poses on Those who are generous gain immortality (RV 1.125; 10.107; 10.117). In terms of the soteriology model offered in the Introduction, Vedic spirituality can be understood as gaining its knowledge primarily from revelation, framing the problem of the human situation in terms of death, solving the problem mainly by means of effort (Yama has an important role to play by marking out the way) and moving towards a pluralistic (though there are hints of monism) solution where the blessed deceased dwell with gods and other ancestors in a heavenly realm. In Rawlinson s model, it would be Hot-Structured: magical techniques are employed in a systematic manner. THE UPANISADS The Upanisads constitute the fourth and final part of the Veda; hence, they are often referred to as the Vedanta (Veda s End). Names of basic yoga poses 2016.

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