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Most popular yoga poses on virya energy, here meaning changelessness or being unaffected by the production of the universe; 6. tejas splendour. The three vyuhas are known as Samkarsana, Pradyumna and Aniruddha, the brother, son and grandson respectively of Krsna. They not only introduce a focus for popular devotion, they also allow the Pancaratrins to incorporate the dualistic Samkhya philosophy into their own monistic ontology. Under Samkarsana s supervision the universe evolves in potential; under Pradyumna there is a separation between perceiver (purusa) and perceived (prakrti), and under Aniruddha a link is created between purusa and prakrti, which initiates the manifestation of the physical universe. Samkarsana is also said to control the revelation of divine knowledge, i.e. Most popular yoga poses 2016.

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