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Morning yoga Pics on The tradition-informed approach will also continue to be attractive to students who seek a mystical dimension to life through their practice of yoga. There is also a growing number of teachers and students who have serious reservations about the value of the tradition-informed approach, for reasons which include the lack of evidence for a clear continuity between traditional Indian yoga and its modern variants, the mutual incompatibility of different versions of yogic metaphysics, and arguments that at least some of what is propagated by tradition-informed teachers is actually bad for the health of practitioners. There is a temptation, in the light of such considerations, to reduce modern yoga to a fairly straight-forward exercise regime that might include an element of breath control and meditation but in essence would be little more than one more alternative to competing regimes such as Alexander Technique or Pilates. There are, nevertheless, some teachers who think that yoga, even a yoga that is divested of its traditional metaphysical accoutrements, can contribute more to human flourishing than exercise alone. In this chapter I will outline one modern approach to yoga that seeks to provide an alternative to that of the tradition-informed teachers without abandoning the idea that when informed by sound information about human nature and possibilities yoga practice can make a wide-ranging contribution to human flourishing. Teachers who promote this approach (to which I am a contributor) call it Grounded or Humanistic or Intelligent Yoga. Here, I will present that case as best as I can. Morning yoga Pics 2016.

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