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Morning yoga exercises on They taught that without renouncing the pleasures derived through the organs of sense, the eight great siddhis [powers] may be obtained.7 This outlook is typical of what came to be known as left-handed or literalist tantrism in contrast to right-handed or symbolic tantrism. Practitioners of the former incline towards doing what the texts instruct whereas those of the latter prefer to employ imaginative equivalents of those instructions. Most of our information about the philosophy of the Pasupata sect comes from much later works, primarily the Sarva-darsana-sangraha of Madhava (14th century ce) and the Pasupata Sutras with Kaundinya s commentary. Kaundinya is reputed to have lived between the fourth and sixth centuries CE. We learn from these texts that the five fundamental features of the system are: 1. the lord (pati), sometimes called the cause (karana); 2. Morning yoga exercises 2016.

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