Monkey Pose In Yoga

Monkey Pose In Yoga

I have posted this picture on various walls around Facebook and there have been substantial numbers of responses to it. I am pretty sure that it is not the picture but it is the sentiment in the words. Why are these words making such a big

I believe that there is a core feeling here for men and women that we just love to make up. While we would like our relationships to run smoothly all the time this is not realistic. All couples bicker, argue and have major fall outs too from time to time. However, the making up is always a great reward.

The best way to get to the making up stage is to apologise. Unreservedly. This gets you onto the path of Forgiveness that is where you want to be and you can them move back to the Harmony Road where you really want to be in your relationship.

The stormy time of arguing will however help to strengthen your relationship. We probably learn more in such times and remember the lessons learned much more acutely at these times.

This is true in the work environment too. I bet that you have fallen out with a colleague and given them the cold shoulder and then this has developed into a full blown argument. One of you has stormed off with both of you saying things that you don’t really mean; it is all heat of the moment stuff.

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