Milfoil or Yarrow Herb: Health Benefits, Uses, Facts

FR: Achillee, Herbe aux charpentiers, Millefeuille GER: Garbe, Gemeine Schafgarbe IT: Millefoglio

SP: Cientoenrama, Milenrama, Milhojas BOT: Achillea millefolium FAM: Compositae

Milfoil is a common plant of hedges and meadows in Britain and other parts of Europe. The name achillea refers to the Greek hero, Achilles, who legend says was taught the virtues of the herb by the centaur, Chiron. Milfoil was famous for staunching wounds, and one of the popular French names also refers to this. Presumably French carpenters often cut their thumbs.

Sneezewort (Achillae ptarmic) is closely related and has fewer and larger white flowers of the same shape. This is also a common British, Continental and North American plant of wet places and moors. It grows to about two feet high, a little taller than milfoil.

The young leaves of this and other yarrows can be used in salads and can replace chervil as garnish.

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