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Meditative poses on Siddhatta before his enlightenment and Metteya/Maitreya, the Buddha to come. The Mahayanists also emphasized an aspect of the Buddha s career that had been somewhat, though not entirely, neglected: his deep compassion. The Buddha sacrificed his own tranquillity at the request of Brahma in order to teach the dhamma, and this was understood as an act of compassion. He also encouraged the cultivation of compassion through the practice of the Brahma Vihara (sublime abodes) medi-tations.45 As well as embracing Buddhahood as an ideal the Mahayanists elevated compassion to the same level as wisdom/insight (panna/prajna) in the Buddhist hierarchy of values. Insight into the true nature of things is, as was mentioned above, the foundation stone of liberation from suffering and rebirth, and much of its content had to do with what we might call depersonalization. The Buddha s teaching on no-self (anatta/anatman) had been elaborated through his division of a person into five major constituent parts (skhandha)46 and these in turn were analysed into smaller, even more evanescent components called dhammas/dharmas. Meditative poses 2016.

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