There can be no comparison between this all-conscious entity, the Spirit, and anything else. Mind is unconscious, body is unconscious. That the body is unconscious is proved by the fact that when it dies, immediately consciousness goes; you cannot say the body in itself has consciousness. And if you say the mind has consciousness, then how is it that you speak of the unconscious? Is it not a fact that part of the mind is really unconscious? If something is partly conscious and partly unconscious, then consciousness does not belong to it, it is not essential to its nature.

Consciousness is not essential to the mind: it comes and it goes; therefore, mind in itself is not conscious. That is the Vedantic view.

The Spirit is all-consciousness; It is the very essence of all perfection. Only the body and the mind represent the principles of limitation, and if Spirit is beyond this body and mind, It is unlimited. It is the infinite One. It is not made up of anything; therefore it cannot die or undergo any change. Only things having parts can die and undergo change. If it is just one thing, homogeneous Spirit, then of course It is imperishable; It is eternal, immortal. And in It are all kinds of perfections: infinite joy, infinite peace, infinite love all are in the Spirit, and that most wonderful Spirit is our own true being. Everyone can say and should say, That is my nature. I am the perfect Being.

If you ask, How can I say that? I don’t feel it, well, you say many things you don’t feel. Just analyse the words you use in the course of a day; most of them don’t mean anything to you in your experience; yet you are continually using these words. Why not say, I am the Spirit, this perfect Spirit’? We are so conscientious when it comes to spiritual things! The very soul of honesty and truth! In everyday life we cheat others and cheat ourselves all the time not deliberately, but we use wrong words, think wrong thoughts; the whole thing is a mess! About that we do not bat an eye, but when it comes to spiritual matters, oh, we have to be very cautious! That is called confusion. What we should say, we don’t say, and what we shouldn’t say, that is what we say. That is one of the signs of ignorance.


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