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Meditation yoga poses on Dasgupta who, on the other hand, regards books 1 to 3 as constituting a coherent unity.33 One of Frauwallner s main reasons for thinking that book 1 is a self-contained piece is that after setting out the root problem: the self s conformity to the mind s activities and loss of self-awareness, along with the methods for addressing the problem: practice (abhyasa) and detachment (vairagya), it seems to end with enlightenment (rtambhara-prajna literally truth-bearing insight ) and the self s immersion in itself (nirbija samadhi). In other words, book 1 ends with the experience of liberation. With regard to the issue of the place of the eight limbs section in the sutras as a whole, or even just books 2 and 3, an examination of the form of book 2 offers a way of evaluating and adjudicating between the views of Feuerstein and those of Frauwallner. YS 2.2 states that the kriya yoga described in 2.1 is for the cultivation of concentration and for the attenuation of the hindrances. Meditation yoga poses 2016.

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