If you ask, Will all these uglinesses of the mind really go?’ yes, they will go. But patience, my friend, patience and perseverance. God is not at our beck and call. Mind is a subtle thing; who knows its ways? You can know the ways of a piece of stone; it is not subtle, it is gross. Mind is subtle; its movements are beyond its own calculations. So unless we have perseverance, unless we have enthusiasm and confidence, then, of course, we shall give up in despair. But hold on! I have not seen any person fail who has been persevering.

The most sure of all lives is spiritual life. But perseverance you must have; the right motive you must have. You will be surprised how many motives there are, but if you are really seeking God, if you are really trying to attain this wonderful state, however ill-qualified you may have been in the beginning you w’ill find you are becoming endowed with all the necessary qualifications. But hold on! Don’t compare yourself with others, saying, I am superior to this one; I am inferior to that one. That is for fools. Go your own way. If you cannot run, if you cannot walk speedily, go creeping along, but don’t stay in one place. Every day do your best, and as sure as the sun will rise, you will find you have attained to success; there is no failure in spiritual life.

And you will find there is a lot of joy in it. After the period of struggle is over, there comes a wonderful time. I don’t say that there won’t be any more problems; from time to time your mind might act against you, but you have learned how to fight it. And, you know, after you have brought the mind under some control, there is joy in fighting it. Just as tamers of lions and tigers like to fight them, you like to give a fight to the mind: let it play its tricks, you are not frightened by it at all. You find yourself completely the master. You will say, The mind cannot reach me. Let it jump around a little if it wants to. That’s the sign of the strong person. You have to have strength, then confidence comes within you. Children of the Lord feel confident. And then the fun of spiritual life begins. Still, you have to be very alert, because enjoyment, even spiritual enjoyment, has a little danger latent in it: you are apt to become careless.

Now, suppose you have been going steadily on and have been making progress in meditation. What changes have come? As I have already indicated, you become free from body consciousness, and, paradoxically, you find your body improves. I do not want to say much about that, because many people think that’s the be-all and end-all of spiritual life good health, youthful appearance, magnetic personality these foolish people talk about such things. But they do come: health improves, mind improves, whatever talent is there becomes manifest; all the good things flourish. There is a song: a disciple says to his teacher, My being was like a cremation ground, a bleak place, and now, my master, you have converted it into a beautiful garden, full of bloom and full of perfume. Yes, life becomes transformed; many wonderful things come. Your mind becomes more subtle, and with this subtlety you feel that it has also expanded; the sense of limitation has fallen off. You sometimes find that time and space are, as it were, modes of your own mind, and you begin to sense something beyond time, something beyond space. When you have progressed further, contrary thoughts or tendencies that are still in your mind in subtle form rise to the surface from time to time, and you are able to destroy them by a slight inclination of will. It is as though a seed, which eventually could become a very big tree, has just sprouted, and with a slight pressure of your finger you destroy the sprout. Big, powerful thoughts you cannot destroy that way; they become your master. But in that state, because your mind has become very subtle, your perception has also become subtle, and you can see the fine movements of thoughts. You can see the beginning of all kinds of troubles that could arise, and you can destroy them. The moment you do that, you find your mind expands and becomes purer and more powerful. That’s the psychological part of it.


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