Then there is a perceptual part. You become aware of the existence of the Divine Reality more and more keenly. Of course, that was your whole object all along to find God. In meditation you become keenly aware of Him. Outside of meditation you also become aware of Him: more and more you seek to dwell on Him in various ways. You repeat His name, or you just brood on Him as existing everywhere. You don’t have to be told what to do; you will instinctively do those things. Your mind will dwell on Him always. When you have progressed further, the time comes when you can really commune with God. Communion is a word used especially to indicate great depth of meditation; when the soul comes very close to God that is called communion. Just as the San Francisco Bay flows out into the Pacific Ocean or the Pacific Ocean comes into the Bay, in the same way your soul has come very close to God and just pours itself into God; at other times God pours Himself into the soul.

A sort of intoxication comes upon you, as if you were drunk. Whenever there is a sense of unification, whenever everything has really become unified for you, there is that sense of intoxication. And when that state becomes intensified, when communion becomes deep, it takes the form of ecstasy your face will become red, your eyes will become tearful, you will not be able to speak; outwardly, there is an expression of deep joy. What goes on within, who can say?

Then comes the state of illumination the word we use is samadhi. If meditation is that state in which there is no diversified thought, then samadhi is meditation at its deepest and most intense, most real; even small and subtle interruptions are not there. The mind has become so serene, so fine that Spirit, which is very close to the mind, becomes clearly revealed, and the soul becomes lost in It. There is no movement, nothing there. It is then that whatever barriers still remain are destroyed; no darknesses are left there. Darkness is finitude. When there is no longer any sign of limitation, no longer any movement in the mind, that is the state of illumination. God is seen clearly without any kind of medium.

Vedantic philosophers have made a lot of little divisions in regard to that state. Some say there are two kinds of samadhi; others say there are many kinds, and they describe them, but those are details. Two kinds are generally spoken of. It is said that when you reach that depth of meditation where you feel your oneness with God, but still feel a little distinction that is the lower kind of samadhi. Sri


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